What To Do When You Put Petrol In a Diesel Car

What happens when a meat-eater consumes vegetables? Or the other way round? Let us face it, both vegetables and meat are foods. The same scenario occurs for petrol and diesel which are meant to fuel a car. Even though both fuels help propel your car from one point to the other, there are designated fuel types for different classes of cars.

In the UK alone, about 150,000 motorists use the wrong fuel on the cars every year. To break it down further, it happens every three minutes. Even though the cause of confusion varies from one person to the other, we must admit that it is a common occurrence.

Possible causes of confusion during refueling

What causes people to put petrol in a diesel car or vice versa? 

    1. Yes, you got right. Some people cannot tell the difference between a car that consumes diesel from one that uses petrol. You have to familiarize yourself with your car if you want it to be durable. All fueling stations are properly marked to ensure that your use the right fuel.
    1. Doing things in a rush. Maybe you are late for work, want to visit the mall before it closes or you have an important appointment that you cannot afford to miss. The pressure in this world is too much and you may find yourself at the wrong pump. The best advice is to do one thing at a time and avoid last minute rush. It is the subconscious mind that makes most people use the wrong fuel in their cars.
    1. Some people cannot tell the difference between ignorance and negligence. In the former, you do not know what you are supposed to do while in the later you know the exact fuel you are supposed to use but decide to use another option. Some of the innovations we have at the moment came about as a mistake but you will not discover anything new by using the wrong fuel. You may be the daring type that wants to know what will happen to your car. Simple advice, using petrol in your diesel car is not a good idea and will do more harm than good.

But let us hope you do not use the wrong fuel due to negligence. You are on the wheel or you are just about to ignite and note, boom, I have used petrol instead of diesel. What will be the effects?

Effects of petrol on a diesel engine

What happens when you take something that you are allergic to? The answer to this question will vary from one person to the other but you get the point. The magnitude of the effects will vary depending on the situation at hand. The same will also apply when you use petrol in a diesel engine

    • Reduces lubrication in the pump. Diesel is usually thicker than petrol and the pumps of a diesel petrol are made putting this into consideration. Diesel pumps run at high pressure as compared to their petrol counterparts. The excess pressure will thus reduce lubrication when the metal components rub against each other.
    • Destruction of some parts. When car manufacturers are making an engine, they always have the type of fuel to be used in mind. They are those metals that are compatible with diesel while others are fit for petrol. It thus means that the metals in your engine might react with petrol if your car consumes petrol. Some of the components that refine petrol has can corrode your car engine which is not desirable.
    • Contamination of the fuel system. This is the worst thing that can happen to your car when you put petrol in a diesel engine. It even gets worse when you ignite the engine and cover a considerable distance. Once you ignite the engine, petrol will mix with diesel and the mixture is not good for your car. There are also likely to be some metal parts due to friction as a result of low lubrication within the engine. The damage on the fuel system will vary depending on the distance that you cover. It will also depend on how fast you take action.

What should you do when you note that you have used petrol instead of diesel?

This is not the time to freak out and starting blaming others for your woes. You have to take action fast before it is too late and undergo a costly maintenance procedure. You might be among those people who panic and think that it is will ruin your car entirely.

If you note it before you start your engine, then do not turn on the ignition. You are in a better position to get rid of the contamination than someone who is already driving. Some will advise you to syphon petrol out of the tank which seems like a good idea. But this is the problem, you might not be able to get rid of all of it. This is why you need professionals to help you get your car back into a good shape.

The second scenario is when you note that you put petrol in diesel car while you are already on the road. Your car may come to an abrupt stop or your engine produces some funny noises while you are driving. We all make mistakes but we can as well seek remedies. Stop the engine and call professionals such as Fuel Doctor to syphon the petrol out of your car. You do not have to tow your car to the nearest station as they have 24/7 roadside assistance. You also do not have to worry if you have no cash on you because you can use your card. An ideal specialist will evaluate the situation at hand and come up with a solution based on the distance covered.

Using petrol in a diesel car is not a grave mistake as some people might tend to think. What matters is the decision that you take once the mistake occurs. You just have to ensure that you get help from professionals to get you back on the road within the shortest time possible.