Using a Wheelchair Taxi Service

Using a wheelchair doesn’t mean that you cannot travel. Advances in both air and land travel have made it possible for you to move from one point to another without any hassle at all. Using a wheelchair might limit you in some areas such as driving a car by yourself. Don’t worry; you have an option in the use of multi-purpose taxis.

We look at how these taxis operate and how you can make use of them.

The Number of Passengers

Some taxis are licensed to carry a maximum of 2 wheelchair passengers plus a maximum of 5 other passengers. You need to talk to the Blackpool based service to know the kind of multi-purpose taxis they have available and the number of passengers they carry. Make a booking depending on your needs and the type of taxis available.

How You Can Get One

Getting a multipurpose taxi is quick and easy. You don’t have to leave the house and wait for one to pass by to flag it down. Instead, you need to download the booking app or go to the company’s website and fill in the booking form. Make sure you indicate the kind of vehicle you need and your special needs. You will be given priority over other bookings when you indicate that the booking is for a disabled passenger.

The process of booking is similar to the way other able-bodied people make bookings. You have to give the right information for the tax company to know where to pick you up and where to drop you off. You also need to indicate the time that you want to be picked up. Booking will include payment so that the car is reserved for you.

The Seating Position

You are wondering how you will seat when using this taxi. Well, you can remain in the comfort of the wheelchair as long as it is properly secured to the floor of the taxi. The space for the wheelchair is reserved so that you have the space to yourself. Additionally, these taxis come with ramps to make it easy for you to steer yourself into space. The space will have a seatbelt to make sure you are safe during the trip.

In Closing

Using a wheelchair doesn’t mean that you can’t move around. You have the option of specially designed taxis to move you from place to place. These taxis also handle airport transfers to make sure you catch your flight on time.