Some Innovative Image Capture Ideas That You Can Try Out At Your Wedding

You all want to have some memorable photos in your wedding album that you can cherish for a long time. You all are very peculiar about the kissing photograph, cake photograph and their capture but you can also add more photos with certain touch of innovation that will always bring a smile on your face when you have a look at the album. You can check out some of the handy ideas on the internet to make the wedding album a lot more special. But in case, you are not willing to make that much of an effort, here are some of the special photos that you can add to the wedding album to make it more special:

Aerial capture of the wedding dress:

This can be a very good and innovative idea that you can go for to make the wedding album a lot more classy and lovely. With the bride and groom lying on the ground and the bridal dress in its complete glory, the quality of capture from aerial view is just awesome and you must try it to not only impress everyone with your innovative thinking but also have a lovely memory for the rest of your life.

Capture of setting sun through the heart:

This is another very good idea to have a very romantic photograph in your wedding album. You can let the sun rays pass through while holding the hand of your bride while making the shape of the heart and ask the photographer to capture from behind to have that beautiful image in your album. To make it even more special, you can try out some other similar poses as well which will ameliorate your experience.

Tiny bird style picture:

This is another very smart idea but the photographer has to make some adjustments while capturing and also while editing the photograph. The photo will look awesome with you having your girl as a tiny bird with her dress having feathers and will appeal to you every time you go through the wedding album.

This will also look very good when you show it off to someone and they will definitely applaud the sense of innovation that you have put in the photograph. To make it even more special, you both can give a flying kiss to each other which will increase the romance quotient in the picture.