Sins You Are Committing Against Your Knives

Buying the perfect kitchen knife set can set you back anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on the equality you choose to grace your kitchen. With this said, you need to make sure you keep your knives in top shape so that you protect this investment otherwise you will be back on the market sooner or later. If you buy a good set and take care of it, you will maybe spend on a second set in the course of your lifetime. So, how are you destroying your knives?

Buying the Wrong Quality

You will never be at peace when you buy poor quality knives. This translates to throwing your money down the toilet and flushing it away. One of the sins you are going to commit to your knives in the kitchen is buying poor quality ones. The knives won’t be suitable for your kitchen, and they will change the way you Handel the cutting tasks.

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Poor Cleaning and Wiping

One way you destroy your knives is by not cleaning it and drying it properly. It is vital that you wash each knife by hand and dry it totally after using it. Don’t leave the knife in the sink the whole night covered in food. Otherwise, you will end up with a knife that has started to lose its color. Leaving the knife in water overnight will destroy the handle of the knife. The wood will absorb water and get damaged.

Using the Dishwasher to Clean It

This is another sign that you commit to your knives. If you want the life of the knife to be longer, you need to keep it out of the dishwasher. Even if the label says it is dishwasher safe, your knife will stay longer if you wash the handles and the blade by hand.

The harsh detergents that you use in the dishwasher are detrimental to the cutting edge of the blade. In addition to the damage from the detergents, the constant bumping of the knife against the other utensils will cause further damage. It is also possible that the changes in temperature can lead to chemical changes that will affect the blade.

Final words

Your knives will serve you better if you learn how to handle them well. Right from choosing the knife to washing, make sure you follow these guidelines to enjoy the service your knife can provide.