Hydraulic logs splitter. Why is it a good idea to consider this device?

The winter is coming, and it means that it is time to stock up firewoods. We will leave the option of manual skills for the people who lives “in the last century” and consider hydraulic logs splitter. This device will be an excellent help if it is necessary to pin about ten cubes of logs.

Let’s briefly talk about the log splitter and its principle of operation. Basic elements of a standard hydraulic logs splitter are a frame with the knife fixed on it, the hydraulic piston and the drive. The knife plays a role of an edge of that splitting axe (which should be swung in the absence of the equipment considered here). The necessary effort is created by means of an operation of the engine together with the hydraulic piston, which pushes log on a knife. As you can see, everything looks quite simple.

By such principle, the absolute majority of factory products work. Of course, there are other types of devices like electric, manual, and portable. If you would like to find out more about other types of log splitter visit Splitting Wood.

On the basis used Devices with an electric motor (220 V / 380 V) and petrol motors. The choice is defined only by convenience and working conditions. It is better to choose petrol log spiller when electricity is unavailable. Another benefit of petrol log spiller is its power.

On the other side electric log spiller is capable of working in the winter without any problems. Moreover, there is much less problems with its engine. It is up to you which to choose.

Log splitters distinguish into the horizontal, vertical and combined position. The first option is the most widespread when using in a private order and is applied in the majority of hydraulic and rack designs owing to convenience and safety.

The length of logs, when using the hydraulic splitter, is limited to the size of a piston stroke and the maximum effort of splitting. Usually, this value is limited to 0,52 m. The thickness of preparations can vary ranging from 0,25 to 0,5 m (depending on a splitting model). A rack decisions length of a log is defined by the sizes of a lath and, besides, the created effort.

Application of screw of log splitter allows using chocks of bigger diameter – up to 0,7 m, but at the same time labor input of work increases.

The general recommendations about the choice of a household log splitting include the following requirements: the electric hydraulic device with a horizontal arrangement of preparation and the maximum effort to 5 t. Pay attention to the safety of the unit, it is desirable that the model was equipped with a system of blocking with two levers.