How to Optimize Your Instagram Content Schedule

Are you using Instagram to grow your brand? Do you have a strategy to deliver valuable content to your followers on a daily basis constantly? If so, then you need to have a smart posting schedule.

Today we look at the best way to improve the visibility of the Instagram news feed.

Know When Your Followers are Online

You can use third-party applications or analytics to find out when the majority of your followers come online. This will give you an idea on when to post your content on the platform each day. You also get to know the days when your audience is most active so that you contact them the right way. Read this article by Fred Harrington to understand the best times to post content on Instagram.

Follow What Your Competitor is Doing

If you don’t have any data from your account to determine the correct posting times or you don’t want to use third party tools, then you can opt to get notifications every time your competitor puts up a post on Instagram.

To do this, you need to set the app to send you notifications whenever the competitor posts any content.

If the competitor has been on the platform for some time, then the chances are that they understand the times that work best with the audiences. Since you are planning to attract a similar audience, then these times will work for your account as well.

Send Reminders or Use a Scheduling Tool

Are you having issues keeping up with posting on Instagram each day? If this is the s case, then set up some reminders to alert you on the right time to post so that you cannot let any chance go by without posting content.

If you aren’t a fan of reminders, then use a scheduling tool to automate your posting the right way without the need to log into the app each time. The tool makes sure you don’t worry about the scheduling at all; instead you just come up with the content then leave it all to the tool to deliver the content.

In Closing

Optimizing your Instagram posting schedule makes it easy for you to get more out of the platform especially for your growth needs. Take time to know the best time to post as well as set a reminder for your posts. You can also use a scheduling tool for the task.