How to Keep Your Bedroom Warm During Winter

When the temps take a plunge, it makes perfect sense to stay as warm as you can. With utility bills running high, winter is arguably the most distressing of all seasons. But wait, before you press your thermostat dial, there are other inexpensive ways to keep your sleeping room warm at night.  Here’s how;

Check for Drafts

Start by making sure that all your bedroom windows remain closed. The same goes for any other window in your house. Seal all the gaps and leaks to prevent the warm air from finding its way to the outside. Consider using a draft detector to monitor unwanted air movement. You may also burn incense to help you to identify the gaps within your bedroom.

Use Warmer Bedding

This is a no-brainer, right? When the weather gets chilly, you need to turn the heat in you sleeping room. The same way you wear thick clothing, layers of bedding will help keep you warmer. So, warm those sateen sheets with an electric blanket or a down filled comforter. And speaking of electric blankets, here’s why you need to do some research before choosing a particular pair. After all, you need to be sure that the blanket has what it takes to keep you warm.

Reverse the Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans come in handy when you want to reduce energy in your household. In the summer, you’ll set the fans to rotate in an anticlockwise direction to create a cool breeze to keep the heat at bay on hot nights. However, when winter strikes, set the fans to rotate in clockwise direction. That way, they will pull warm air from the ceiling and push it into your bedroom, right where you need it.

Use a Heat Spacer

Sleep experts recommend that the temperature in your bedroom should be 65 degrees Fahrenheit for sound sleep. When the temps dip, you can warm the air a little bit without switch on the central heat by using a portable space heater. When scouting for a heater, consider the one with enough output to cover your entire bedroom. Also, don’t forget to place it at a reasonable distance from your bedroom to ensure that your bedding doesn’t come into contact with the device.

In conclusion, wear thick socks before you get between the sheets. Remember to move your bed away from the window because the glass will cool down significantly at night lowering the temperature of the air near the window.