Hiking with your Dog? – Here’s What You Should Know

Hiking is fun, more so when you take your best friend with you! But, before you bring your canine into the woods, you’d better get well acquainted with the basics.

For starters, there’s no way you can take your dog on a hiking trip if it doesn’t have a leash. How else are you going to pull the animal when the going gets tough?

You should also ensure that your furry friend has a collar around his/her neck. On that note, click this link to find out more about dog collars, why your dog needs one and what to keep in mind when scouting for the right model. Be sure to check out the top-rated dog collars too.

Other than that, here’s what you ought to know when hiking with your

You Pooch Has to be Healthy

Even with the best collar and leash, there’s no way your dog is going to hit the mountains if it’s not healthy and fit. You should, therefore, take your pet to a vet a couple of days before the trip.

Make sure that your dog gets vaccinated if necessary. The age of your canine also matters. In most cases, you’re better off taking a younger dog for hiking that an old one.

Consider the distance too. Don’t bring your dog if the trip will last more than a week. The last thing that you want is for the animal to get sick during hiking. Also, carry a kennel to provide a resting place and enough dog food to last the entire trip.

Start with Short Trips

You cannot take your dog for a hiking trip that will last for a week if it can’t handle the demands of walking long distances. And even on the first few excursions, ensure that you take breaks in between the journey. Allow your canine friend to build up his or her endurance in preparation for a longer trip.

When you start slowly, you can gauge your dog’s endurance. That way, you’ll know its limits and most importantly what it can handle regarding walking long distances.

In conclusion, keep an eye on your dog every time. Don’t allow it to wander very far from you. Some of the things that would happen to your pet including attacks from wild animals. Also, learn the fundamentals of first aid for dogs just in case something happens to yours when on a hiking trip.