Elon Musk’s Accomplishments After Leaving Stanford

Elon Musk

While he intended to pursue a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Applied Physics in Stanford, Elon Musk decided to drop out – after only two days in the university. Perhaps, for other people, it was hard to come to a decision of such nature, but not for him.

Elon Musk chose to be an entrepreneur, instead. And eventually, he, as well as billions of people worldwide, learned that it was a smart move. Even without a Stanford degree, he is an epitome of success.

Small Ideas Will Grow Big: Zip2

After bidding Stanford adieu, it was not long when Musk made millions.

One of his first accomplishments was his work on software for the paper industry. Together with his brother, Kimbal Musk, he developed this software, intended it to be a city guide of sorts, and made it the focus of his company called Zip2.

For this venture, he allowed his entrepreneurial spirit to shine since he refused to give up on the idea. It was a fairly small idea, but Elon was brave enough to willingly see it progress. By the time, he left the venture to pursue other interests, he was already a multimillionaire.

Know Your Worth: PayPal

Then, there’s PayPal – the result of the Confinity and X.com (a company Musk co-founded). A Ph.D. from Stanford could have opened promising financial opportunities, but then again, knowing your worth (and standing by it) can do the trick.

In October 2002, Ebay made an offer to acquire PayPal from Musk (and his fellow members of the board). The offer was pretty generous, and it was a defining milestone in his career. Alongside walking away with more than $100,000,000, he sent out a message that he (and his team) do not come cheaply.

Active in Success: SpaceX & Tesla Motors

Even without a Ph.D. from Stanford, Musk continues to succeed because of his active bouts, and he refuses to stay inactive for far too long. Instead of remaining on the sidelines, he actively engages himself in his ventures — and even is willing to become the driving force behind them. He does not stay idle as a leading authority of SpaceX (his privately-owned space program) and as the CEO of Tesla Motor Company.

It’s Always Possible: The Hyperloop

Lastly, the fact that Musk has a futuristic vision should not be disregarded. While he may already have a pile of accomplishments even as a Stanford dropout, he wants to strive for more.

Take a look at his concept of Hyperloop transportation. Behind it, the idea is to devise a transportation system, which will involve traveling via an air tube at instantaneous speeds – much better than anything on land.

Now, of course, some people are hesitant to pursue this concept. While nodding in approval as a brilliant solution for improved transportation, these people are criticizing Musk’s concept for being too “far-fetched”, “out-of-this-world”, and “impossible”.

But, since one of his outstanding qualities is his persistence for making possibilities out of impossibilities, he pursued the transportation system. And consequently, he impressed the world once again!