Brief Sauna Suite Buying Guide to Promote Healing

A sauna unit encourages relaxation, promotes healing, and maintains health. In addition, the heated space calms the mind and body of sauna users.

Types of saunas

Homeowners can find Sauna Suite information here this will help them make an informed decision.

  1. Traditional unit

In a traditional unit, the sauna expels extreme heat temperatures from 150° to 200°F, which drifts around the user.

Homeowners can select varieties of styles and sizes. The source of heat includes gas, wood burning, or electric sauna heaters. Units feature woods like redwood, cedar or hemlock.

  1. Infrared unit

In infrared unit, users will experience heat temperature ranging from 110°F to 140°F penetrating through their body.

Infrared sauna manufacturers have designed the classic wood structure suite that heats the space using different heat sources.

Sauna suite styles

  • Pre-cut kits – A precut unit is selected and will be a permanent fixture in a home
  • Modular – The structure need to be assembled, after it arrives
  • Home constructed – Homeowners have a sauna structure customized to precise fabrication
  • Portable – Easy to carry around, store and less expensive

Sauna sizes

Unit for two people – A unit sized for two people will supply extreme heat with small price tag.

Unit for four people – Families that enjoy throwing pool party can benefit from this unit.

Unit for more than six people – A large structure is expensive but provide health benefits to more friends or family members.

Four reasons to own a sauna

People who need heated environment to relax decide to invest in sauna. The extreme heat forces aching muscle and stiffened joints to loosen up. In addition, the unit is a silent zone, where there is no disturbance from mobile phone, family commotion, or work demands.

Regular use of sauna enhances blood circulation, glands get moisturized, and skin gets cleansed. Large saunas allow friends and family to spend good time together.

How toxins from body get eliminated?

Body temperature increases in the sauna killing bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites. Circulation increase and the body are forced to let go the toxins out in form of sweat. Immune system is trained to work in high gear enhancing production of WBC and antibodies.

Sauna helps weight loss

Due to fatty tissue blood circulation is poor and sauna helps to enhance the circulation and boost metabolism, which burns more calories. Toxic body suffers from imbalances in organs like pancreas, liver, and adrenals. This can cause cravings for junk food. Using sauna regularly, extreme heat creates balance in your organs. Removal of toxics from the body allows it to absorb healthy nutrition’s from the food.