Boosting Customer Relationships on Instagram

You may have the content and the follower base, but you notice that there is little increase in sales and loyal customers. Then, you must have forgotten one crucial aspect of Instagram marketing, engagement. It is this simple task that some marketers tend to forget as they spent too much time on posting content and increasing their follower count. If you are wondering how you should engage with your potential customers, then read further.

Active Inviting Captions

Although you have your brand image on your Instagram posts, the lack of a call-to-action may prevent further interaction with you. Thus, you should add at least an extra, direct question to invite more conversations regarding your posts. Of course, you need some practice in caption writing. Try to start by using captions, preferably short ones, to accentuate images.

Increase Engagement Through Contests

Your business will likely earn more followers if you run contests and reward loyal consumers. Just so you know, Instagram has about seventeen times more engagement than Facebook, making it ideal for you to run a contest. First, decide what you intend to give away as a prize, and make sure that you post an attractive photo of that on your page. Next, you include the details and rules of your contest, preferably in a caption. At the end of the contest, you have to announce a winner, congratulate them, and give them the prize.

Respond to People

Instagram is not a one-man show, so you can’t expect to get more interaction without taking the initiative to start conversations. To make it easier for you, respond to notifications such as comments and questions. By doing so, you will give other users an impression that you care about your followers, and they are likely to become patronize your services.

Increase Your Productivity

Although this may sound negative from your perception, you can utilize bots for interaction. For example, auto-liking which may be beneficial for you and other users. Also, you can adjust the bots’ parameters so you are likely to get the results you need. You can check a few Instagram automation inĀ


Remember, quality posts and follower count will not suffice in marketing your brand. You have to interact with other users to increase your loyal customers. Make use of captions, interactions, and run contests to increase your engagement with others. And if you ever need more productivity, feel free to use bots.