Alternatives to White Fillings

White filling is a dental treatment which is also called composite resin or tooth colored fillings. It is a dental treatment for restoring or mimicking the natural appearance of your tooth surface.

It is also used to restore damaged, decayed, and discolored tooth and also, it has been used in the cosmetic firm to reduce the size, shape, and color of teeth. It is absolutely advantageous to those who have gaps between their teeth as it can fill the gap and makes your dentition awesome again.

This dental treatment was introduced to the Americans in the year 1960’s, and its usability has been taken to the next level as it is been used and approved by the dentist as effective ways of dealing with the colored and damaged tooth.

The most effective way of whitening your tooth and giving it the color you best deserves is the use of White Fillings.

Why should I consider white fillings?

This dental treatment naturally fits and match the color and appearance of your tooth, it give more strength and durability to your tooth, it works very faster within hours compared to other treatment that takes days or months, you can use it in any part of your teeth and it can be repaired if there is any form of damages.

Are there alternatives to white filling?

There are several alternatives to white fillings treatment such as:

Using Compomers

The matrix of this treatment is made of a polymer, they can easily wear out which makes it less quality to white fillings but they have fluoride silica powder as a filler which is good at keeping areas that are prone to decay healthy. And lastly, they don’t give your tooth the same color as other teeth.

Silicate ionomer and glass ionomer tooth fillings

These two dental treatment alternatives to white fillings are weak. Both can’t be used for tooth treatment that requires strength and both are less resistant to wear and they can’t last long. However, these two dental treatments have their own advantage as they cause the release of fluoride into your tooth structure thereby giving it more strength and increasing its resistant to decay.

When it comes to choosing the best treatment for you, consulting your dentist is the first step.  You dentist recommendation should be what you ought to act upon as this will help you to achieve your goal and bring back the beauty of your tooth.