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We have always been told that first impressions are the most important, and there are years of scientific research that has proven this.

First impressions are the association and thoughts a person makes when they meet and mingle with you for the first time. These impressions happen in dating, meetings at work, and meeting the parents of the P.T.A. The impression a person receives from you is as individual as the person them self. Because of this, one can only worry about the situations and factors they can control. These include your personal mindset and your physical presentation and demonstration to the person. For men, making sure your facial hair is trimmed and proper is an important part of the process.

Most of the time people consider the usual factors for being well put together; clean, dressed well, and well prepared for the upcoming first impression. Some, including women, may not always consider the aspect of having well kept facial hair. Making sure you are well put together requires the proper tools to do so, and for men one of those tools is a set of clippers that suit their needs. Every man wears, or doesn’t wear, his facial hair in so many different ways. From full beards, to mustaches, to goatees, requires a different type of clippers depending on needs. Each of these types of facial hair also reflects a bit or your personality to the world.

There are clippers that will meet all needs.

Manly Matters is a great place to start your research in understanding the best clippers on the market. Their rankings and descriptions give you a great idea of what type, if not the type, of buzzers that you want. The most important part about Manly Matters descriptions are the customer reviews. If you can have honest feedback from people who actually used, and continue to use, the products and have first hand knowledge on the true workability of these products, that can be invaluable to making the best decision on which one is right for you.

Another great feature of their list is their classification of different razors and shavers. Some of the different classifications they used were Best for professionals, best overall hair clipper, and best shaver for thick beards. Just having someone take the time to put all this information together for men is awesome. Conducting trial and error trying to find the right clippers for you is just not the best case scenario.