Keeping Your Car in Tip-Top Shape

Keeping Your Car in Tip-Top Shape

You put the key into the ignition and fire up that BMW. There’s no better feeling than driving your classy car through the streets and getting recognized as a stylish driver all at the same time. That is what you want, however, sometimes, that car’s repairs are too much to handle and need to be seen by a car repair specialist.

The repairs and performance management of your car are well met by the specialists over at Mercedes-Chelmsford located in Essex, England, they pride themselves on delivering quality of work and car maintenance over anything else. They are specialists in various areas of car maintenance including:

  • Brake Checks
  • Air Conditioning Maintenance
  • Engine Management/ Diagnostic Checks
  • ABS, Traction, Transmission SRS and Body Diagnostics
  • Dinitrol
  • Computerized Wheel Alignment
  • Tires- Supply, Fitting, and Balancing
  • Headlamp Polishing
  • Waxing and polishing using Bilt-Hamber Laboratories products

This being just a brief summary of the services and quality of performance that is maintained by Mercedes-Chelmsford, it is safe to say that they are outstanding in their field of work and is worth checking out if there are any needs that you may have as it pertains to your car. For more information about Mercedes-Chelmsford, you can find them at the following website:

It is most likely when your car needs repair that you visit such a repair shop as Mercedes-Chelmsford Rattling, exhausted, and desperate,  the car is driven to the repair shop in an earnest need of a miracle. Well, it’s ok to believe that the car can maintain itself until you see the bill that you are charged at the end of the repair cycle. Therefore, its a much better idea to take the car in even before it needs its routine maintenance check.

This way it is well lubed, checked and diagnosed. Additionally, your car will drive better once you do this. Those over at Mercedes-Chelmsford are different from other repair shops in that they value the quality of what they are doing to your car, which many repair shops do not. They take the time to do things right the first time around. You will not be disappointed as they are specialists and they take their job very seriously. If you are native to the Essex region or are a visitor just passing through, you can be assured that they will treat every customer with the same regard and quality of service.

A Fundamental Guide to Industrial Inks Additives

A Fundamental Guide to Industrial Inks Additives

Ink additives have an essential role in formulating and producing industrial inks. Additives help to create suitable inks with the proper characteristics for unique and diverse types of printing and media.

It doesn’t usually take a significant amount of additive to enhance an ink, but the appropriate ingredients are crucial in the industrial printing sector.

As industrial inkjet printing evolves, additive development adapts to continue to meet the needs of a variety of printing processes and industries.

The following will provide fundamental information about additive product groups:

Product Groups

  • Wetting & Dispersing Additives – This group of additives stabilize pigments to enhance the wetting of solid particles.
  • Surface Additives – Surface additives increase the ease of cleaning and the surface slip by improving or even preventing surface defects.
  • Rheology Additives – This additive group is adapted appropriately according to the polarity of the system being used or whether the system is solvent-free, aqueous, or solvent-bourne. It is used to increase viscosity and/or stability for storage. Some materials used in rheology additives include clay, organoclays, organic thixotropes, acrylic thickeners, or HEUR or PEPO thickeners.
  • Air-Release & Defoamers – When foam or air bubbles are a problem with an ink required for a specific printing process, air-release and defoamer additives improve processing by preventing and destroying the bubbles.
  • Wax Additives – Wax additives are used to enhance surface properties to manage the ability to better process products. Three formulations of wax additives include solvent-boune dispersions, micronized waxes, and water-bourne dispersions and emulsions. The factors considered for wax additives include the melting point, polarity, and chemical basis.
  • Coupling Agents & Adhesion Promoters Additives – When adhesion is an essential element of an industrial ink printing process, coupling agents and adhesion promoter additives are used. They improve the stability of bonds (adhesion) to various substrates, especially when regulations and compliance must be met.
  • Viscosity Depressants Additives – Viscosity relates to the thickness, stickiness, and consistency of a fluid/liquid. Viscosity depressants are used to reduce and stabilize the viscosity of an ink. It aids in the printing process, making it smooth and easy.
  • Processing Additives – Processing additives cover a broad range of improvements for different systems. They can reduce VOC odors and emissions, boost mechanical strength, improve release properties, improve flow, and stabilize emulsions and mixtures.

These are the simple fundamental ink additives used in various printing processes. Ensuring you have the appropriate additives for your processes is crucial to the quality of the products you manufacture. 

Needham Ink supplies many types of Industrial inks including Coding Ink:

Rolex Replicas Swiss Made: Not Just a Knockoff

Rolexes. What is it about a Rolex that captures the eyes and the hearts of so many people? What is it that makes Rolexes so highly esteemed by people? It can be argued it is the fashion of the Rolex. It can be argued that it is the brand of the Rolex. It can argued that the highly successful in society have Rolex, thus by that logic having a Rolex makes you successful. It can be argued that it is the “price” of the Rolex.

The latter can be very compelling. We have a way of thinking that price somehow equates with worth. And this is true to an extent. However, what do you do if you do not have the means to purchase a high-class Rolex? What do you do if you do not have the means to even save up for a Rolex because Rolexes are not cheap.

Well, that is where the Rolex replicas, Swiss made from Shop Replica can become very helpful. Shop Replica offers high-class watches and Rolexes but at prices that will not break the bank, at prices that will not put you in the place where you have to sacrifice somethings.

The watches and the Rolexes at Shop Replica are of the highest quality. Despite the name replica, understand that our watches are by no means second fiddle.

All of the watches and Rolexes, we have a wide array of outstanding and amazing watches, look like the real thing. They feel like the real thing. And for all who look, they will believe the Rolex to be the real thing.

Why would you pay outstanding prices for a watch when you can get the same watch at a fraction of the price? When we say a fraction you will not pay any more than $1000 on one of our amazing watches, in many cases, you will pay only a few hundred.

In addition to paying a price that us far more than reasonable if you purchase certain watches you will receive a second watch for FREE.

We understand how a watch can help to foster a certain esteem as well as emanate sophistication; this is why you will find the highest quality watches and Rolexes available and all at prices that you can afford.

No longer have to sacrifice so much time and effort in working and saving to get a watch of elegance. We offer watches and Rolexes of elegance and at the price that everyone can buy.

Hiking with your Dog? – Here’s What You Should Know

Hiking is fun, more so when you take your best friend with you! But, before you bring your canine into the woods, you’d better get well acquainted with the basics.

For starters, there’s no way you can take your dog on a hiking trip if it doesn’t have a leash. How else are you going to pull the animal when the going gets tough?

You should also ensure that your furry friend has a collar around his/her neck. On that note, click this link to find out more about dog collars, why your dog needs one and what to keep in mind when scouting for the right model. Be sure to check out the top-rated dog collars too.

Other than that, here’s what you ought to know when hiking with your

You Pooch Has to be Healthy

Even with the best collar and leash, there’s no way your dog is going to hit the mountains if it’s not healthy and fit. You should, therefore, take your pet to a vet a couple of days before the trip.

Make sure that your dog gets vaccinated if necessary. The age of your canine also matters. In most cases, you’re better off taking a younger dog for hiking that an old one.

Consider the distance too. Don’t bring your dog if the trip will last more than a week. The last thing that you want is for the animal to get sick during hiking. Also, carry a kennel to provide a resting place and enough dog food to last the entire trip.

Start with Short Trips

You cannot take your dog for a hiking trip that will last for a week if it can’t handle the demands of walking long distances. And even on the first few excursions, ensure that you take breaks in between the journey. Allow your canine friend to build up his or her endurance in preparation for a longer trip.

When you start slowly, you can gauge your dog’s endurance. That way, you’ll know its limits and most importantly what it can handle regarding walking long distances.

In conclusion, keep an eye on your dog every time. Don’t allow it to wander very far from you. Some of the things that would happen to your pet including attacks from wild animals. Also, learn the fundamentals of first aid for dogs just in case something happens to yours when on a hiking trip.