Drill Bits – A Complete Informative Guide About Their Types And Uses

Drill bits are used to make a hole in any material. From installing a shelf to hanging a wall painting to building a cabinet, drill bits are used to drill holes on a material. There are several types of drill bits available in the market. It is very important to choose the right type of drill bit for your job. One should also consider its sharpness, material and other aspects when using it.

In this article, we will tell you the various uses of drill bits in detail.

Types of drill bit available

Drill bit comes in various types and sizes as per the requirement of the job. Some of the types of the drill bit are twist bit, tile bit, masonry bit, screwdriver bit, bullet pilot bit, spur point bit, flat wood bit, countersink bit, forstner bit, hole saw bit and wood auger bit.

Twist bits drills

These are the commonest type of drills that are used with or without electricity. The front edges of this drill are used to cut the material. Spirals shaped section helps in removing the dust from the hole and keep it straight. This drill can work on different materials such as timber, metal and plastics efficiently.

Twist bits are polished with Titanium nitride that gives a golden color to them. This coating makes them hard and provides self-lubrication too. These drill bits are thin and brittle and they can only be used to drill small holes.

Screwdriver bit drills

This drill has got a hexagonal shape that makes it easy to fit in a rechargeable screwdriver. They are suitable for drilling small sized holes.

Masonry bit drills

These drills are designed to easily create hole into brick, stone, tiles, and concrete. It’s cutting tip is made using tungsten carbide. This tip is attached to the spiraled steel shaft. These drills are often used in a power drill. When using this drill on harder materials, it is recommended to use a slow rotational speed.  This would prevent any overheating of the tip and also withdraw the bit to eliminate dust.

There are so many types of drill bits that offer a variety of benefits. Always look for best quality drill bits which offer utmost precision, accuracy and durability. Drill Bit Best is one of the best service or product providers. It offers best quality drilling equipment at an affordable price. As drill is an expensive tool, good care should be taken, while using it.

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