Sit Under The Open Sky Without Fear Of Rain Or Sunlight

New designs and technology have been introduced hence you must also switch to the latest technology in order to move with the time. Traditionally, the roofs were made of concrete but today you can install the roof made from different materials like glass etc. If you are undertaking the construction of your house, then you must think about installing the conservatory roof in your garden. Generally, conservatory roofs are made of two materials namely glass and polycarbonate. Remember that the material used in the construction of the conservatory roof has a great affect on the outlook of the roof.  If you want to know about conservatory roof in detail, you can visit

Glass roof

These roofs are the best for the ones who love to enjoy exposure to the blue sky during the day and to stars and the moon during night. The best part of the glass roof is that they also control the temperature and the noise to a great extent; hence in the rainy day you will not hear the loud noise. In addition, you can enjoy sitting in the daylight without feeling too hot or too cold. Self cleaning glasses are the best for conservatory roofs as they get cleaned in the presence of daylight and rain. Thus, you need not to call the professionals for maintenance and cleaning of your conservatory roof. It is to be noted that glass roofs get dirty with time and hence require regular maintenance. In addition, you can also opt for the insulating glass for better experience. But the major drawback of the glass roof is that they are quite heavy in weight, thus they need proper support.

Polycarbonate roof

These roofs are considered to be a cheaper option for the conservatory roof and in addition they are also light in weight. You can also opt for different types of tinting like opal, bronze or clear with the polycarbonate roof. The plastic carbonate roof absorbs the sunlight to a great extent as well as reduces the glare from sun. But polycarbonate glass would produce lots of noise during the rain which means that the sound of each rain drop hitting the roof will be clearly heard. Having said that polycarbonate roofs give aesthetic look to your conservatory, but if they do not have proper finish or in case they are not properly installed, they can spoil the outlook to a great extent.

There are various factors which affect the cost of installation of conservatory roof. These include the size of the conservatory, material of the glass used, shape of the conservatory etc. The more the area of your roof the more expenditure you will have to bear. In addition to this, you also need to pay your conservatory roof installer. Hence, while deciding the budget of your conservatory roof, keep in mind the above listed factors.