Important points to check before claiming for the PPI

There are millions of people who have been visiting to the banks or lenders who mis sold the PPI to their customers. If you are feel that you are a victim of the greedy lender then you can take you case before the company to get the compensation for your claim. So when you choose to make the report for mis selling of the PPI, you should consider the mentioned points to get the success. Check your age as if you had applied for the loan prior or post the mentioned age then you cannot litigate for the claim. In case you were unemployed or subjected to become unemployed in the near future, then you are not eligible for the PPI. For more information, visit

Take more fibre in your diet to stay healthy

Fibre has lots of advantages, but its consumption can be tedious especially if your family members are choosy on the dining table. The nutritional experts suggest that approximately 21 to 38 grams/day of fibre is necessary for the optimal health. Therefore, you should try to include as much fibrous food in your daily diet. For including the fibrous diet in your plate, you should first eliminate less fibrous food. Avoid consuming canned and processed food. Focus more on using fresh fruits and leafy vegetables. Whole grain is the best source of fibre so you can use whole grain or multi grain flour for making your favourite eatables. You can get more information at

Get The Toughest Stains Removed With The Help Of Teeth polishing

If you are suffering from under confidence due to stained teeth then air polishing could be your savior. It is a form of hygiene treatment that is quick and one of the most effective ways to remove the stains from the teeth. The process is as effective as removing all the plaque which in turn helps in prevention of decay and other gum disease. Air polishing has proven to be better than the traditional polishing and there is no heat involved in the process. Air polishing is a process that is done by the professional hygienist and to know more about the process, you can visit